Professional and Thorough Liability Claims Management

Our expert team handles a broad spectrum of liability claims with precision and dedication. Trust us to manage your claims efficiently and ensure accurate resolutions.

Liability Claims

Comprehensive Liability Claims Adjusting

At Accelerated Adjusting LLC, we offer expert liability claims adjusting services to ensure efficient and equitable resolution of all liability-related incidents. Our experienced adjusters are adept at handling a wide spectrum of liability claims, providing meticulous investigation, precise cause and origin determination, and seamless final settlements.

Liability Claims Services

Solutions for Diverse Liability Issues

From accidental death to Special Investigations, our specialized services cover a wide range of liability claims. Trust our expert team to navigate complex issues and deliver thorough investigations and resolutions.

Accidental Death

Handling claims with sensitivity and thoroughness to ensure fair settlements for beneficiaries.

Automobile Liability Investigation

Managing claims related to vehicle accidents, ensuring accurate liability determination and swift resolution.

Bodily Injury

Investigating and settling bodily injury claims to ensure just compensation and quick claim processing.

Commercial Liability

Addressing complex commercial liability claims with expertise in various business sectors.

Construction Defects

Investigating and resolving claims related to construction defects, ensuring compliance with industry standards.


Handling fatality claims with the utmost care and professionalism to support affected families.

General Liability

Managing a broad range of general liability claims, ensuring thorough investigation and fair outcomes.

Heavy Equipment Liability Investigation

Specializing in claims involving heavy machinery, ensuring precise cause and origin determination.

Inland Marine

Addressing claims related to inland marine exposures, providing expert handling and resolution.

Law Enforcement Liability

Managing claims involving law enforcement agencies with expertise and confidentiality.

Municipal Liability

Handling claims for municipal entities, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards.

Premises Liability

Investigating and resolving claims related to property and premises incidents, ensuring accurate liability assessment.

Product Liability

Addressing claims involving product defects or failures, ensuring thorough investigation and resolution.

Residential Liability

Managing claims arising from residential incidents, providing comprehensive investigation and settlement.

Special Investigations

Our firm also acts as a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) for several clients, focusing on workers’ compensation claims and other complex investigations. Our track record demonstrates our capability in uncovering the facts and ensuring fair outcomes.

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