Essential Resources for Professional Adjusters

Discover a comprehensive range of tools and supplies designed to support adjusters in their daily tasks. Equip yourself with the best resources for efficient and accurate claims handling.

Adjuster Tools & Supplies

Equip Yourself for Efficient Claims Handling

Explore our curated selection of tools and supplies tailored for professional adjusters. Ensure accuracy and efficiency in every claim with our high-quality resources. Please note that these items are from 3rd party distributers and Accelerated may receive a commission on resulting sales.

Roof Inspection Tools

Shingle Gauge Adjuster

Shingle, Metal & Membrane Gauge Combo

All the tools you need to identify asphalt shingle types and metal thickness. HAAG sets the standard in roof material identification. 

Pitch &  Slope Gauge

The pitch locator has printed scale reads pitch in inch rise per 12 inch run without conversion tables that make it a perfect pick for adjusters.

Inspection Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk, 10 Colors in 52 pcs 4” x 1”. In a handy plastic container to keep it from spreading everywhere.

GOAT Steep Assist Roof Ladder

The Compact Goat comes with (5) 4′ poles and a soft touch hook pad and wheel. 20LF Total weight 16LBS. Product Length: 20 Ft. 


Standoff Stablilizer

Achieve unparalleled stability and safety with this Stand-Off Extension Ladder Stabilizer, and prevent gutter damage during inspections

Cougar Paws Inspection Boots

These boots give you amazing traction on shingle roofs, increasing your safety and efficiency during inspecitons

General Inspection Tools

Leica Laser Tape Measure

Leica DISTO D2 New 100m/330ft Metric Imperial Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0

Integrates with Xactimate to enable you to sketch on the fly.

iPad Air 11-Inch – All Day Battery Life

Use Xactimate Mobile couple with this and the Leica Disto D2 for maximum adjuster efficiency. Scope losses and write estimates on-site

Klein Tools ET140 Pinless Moisture Meter

Non-Destructive Moisture Detection in Drywall, Wood, and Masonry; Detects up to 3/4-Inch Below Surface



Wireless Thermal Imaging Camera for Smartphones: Combatable with all iOS and Android devices including iPhone 15

Stanley Fatmax

Stanley 35ft.  Fatmax Tape Measure 

You’ll need this!

Olympus Tough

Olympus Tough TG-7 12 Megapixel Shockproof and Waterproof Digital Camera

The Olympus Tough TG-7 is built to weather even the most extreme environments. This baby is waterproof to 50′ and our adjusters have dropped them from roofs and picked them up and used them on many occasions.

Specialty Inspection Tools

steep access

Nice C Climbing Rope – 230′

High strength static ropes for high and steep access. Stay safe on those high and steep roofs! Be sure to protect both your ropes and the ridges when using ropes on roofs.

Petzl Gri GRi +

Belay Device with cam-Assisted Blocking

Cam-assisted blocking ensures a comfortable belay—when the climber falls or weights the rope—the cam in the device automatically cinches down to arrest the rope.

PETZL CORAX Harness – Versatile and Fully Adjustable

This is hand-down one of the most comfortable harnesses to wear when inspecting a roof. The adjustability makes this a two-size fits all, and the adjustable leg loops make it comfortable for those long, long inspections.

Rope Throw bag

150′ Weighted Throw Bag & Line Kit

This 11oz throw bag makes it easy to send a feeder line over a roof. 

Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Tripod Bundle

If you’re handling large losses or fires, the Matterport 3d system is an amazing value add.

No-Drill Laptop Mount For All Vehicles

Convenient and secure mounting solution to your laptop. Connects to the bottom of the passenger seat rail with no drilling required. Full motion design allows perfect placement of the laptop to suit your use and vehicle requirements. Joints with locking teeth ensure the poles remain in position, even while driving.