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Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Claims

KR&E claims are some of the most complex and high profile claims in the industry, and the least talked about in open forums. These claims involve a menagerie of individuals, usually including corporate executives, adjusters, private military contractors (PMC’s), family members of victims, law enforcement and violent criminals. Successful resolution of such claims usually involves professionals that possess the ability to provide instant critical analysis, out of the box decision making, and an equal comfort level briefing a board of directors and being in the field facilitating the recovery of the victims.

K&R claims are on the rise on an international scale, with certain geographical “hot spots” (specifically the Middle East, Africa and some Asian countries) being the primary loss locations.

The key to minimizing the potential for abuse of a kidnap victim is for experienced personnel to quickly establish boundaries with the kidnappers regarding payment of ransom and linking payment to reasonable treatment of the victim while in captivity. Additional measures that have been linked to a reduction in the abuse of victims during captivity are preventative and proactive measures such as crisis management training and security awareness training.  Many firms, including our partners, offer such training, the value of which during a crisis cannot be overstated. This training can involve what to do, say and how to act as the victim of a kidnapping, what the families and boards of directors need to say when contacted for ransom and a host of other elements related to successful hostage recovery.

When selecting a K&R recovery team, the experience, expertise and professionalism of such a team is paramount, and has direct bearing on the life and physical well being of the victim as well as the value placed on the hostage by the criminals. Improper selection can result in bodily harm or death or the loss of the ransom (and sometimes the deliverer of the ransom), or both.

With regards to Extortion (the “E” in KR&E): In today’s world, it seems that there are always people ready to take a shortcut to wealth or power by extorting either money or non-monetary concessions from others. Frequently, such acts are simply about extorting money from wealthy individuals or corporations in exchange for not harming some asset belonging to one or the other. This might include threats against an individual, damage to a corporate asset, or contamination of a consumable product. Sometimes, the extortion is more complex, and is designed to either cause or prevent some action or decision on the part of another, such as signing an unfair contract or not running as a candidate for public office.

Whatever the occurrence, Accelerated and our partners have the intelligence assets necessary to fully investigate the threat, the experience to devise an effective counter-strategy, and the operational expertise to implement a successful solution designed to not only eliminate the current threat, but assure that the possibility of any future recurrence by the extortionist or associates is highly unlikely.


Accelerated has formed a strategic partnership with only the highest level elite former special operators, intelligence and counterterrorism professionals. Our team of K&R specialists includes former US Navy Seals, former Joint Counterterrorism Task Force members, former international Presidential Protection agents, former Kampfschwimmerkompanie, former FBI and urban surveillance experts, with dozens of resolved high profile kidnappings to their credit.

Languages spoken by our team of specialists are as follows: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Arabic & Hebrew.

Our team is deployable globally as needed, with a response time measured in hours. Our team is prepared to address all aspects of recovery, from negotiation, protection and transfer of funds, liaison with authorities and recovery facilitation. 


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