Daily and Catastrophe Phone: (888) 904-7674 Fax: (828) 237-4717
     Daily and Catastrophe Phone: (888) 904-7674  Fax: (828) 237-4717     

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Our advocates partner with Brokers, MGA's, MGU's and various risk pools to facilitate the rapid resolution of the claims process. By facilitating a spirit of cooperation and partnership with producers, insureds, carriers, adjusters, PA's, contractors and all other parties to a complex loss, we have a demonstrated record of increasing renewal and retention rates, reducing loss ratios and assisting in moving claims toward finalization, quickly. 


We partner with your insureds to provide guidance through the stressful process of managing their crisis. We partner with producers to ensure that their clients are receiving the highest level of customer service. We partner with adjusters and PA's to identify and overcome obstacles and move the process toward resolution as quickly as possible, and we partner with any other party associated with the loss in efforts to assist with Accelerating the process. 


If your brokerage or agency is feeling the effects of high loss ratios, a lengthily claims process and a renewal and retention rate that can be improved upon, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We can help!


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  • "Lost time is never found again"
  • -- Dr. Benjamin Franklin


Discover the advantages of and benefits of contracting our Property Claims Adjusters, Commercial Claims Adjusters, Casualty Claims Adjusters, Liability Claims Adjusters, Marine Claims Adjusters, Aviation Claims Adjusters, Catastrophe Claims Adjusters, Special Investigation Unit, Mediation & Appraisal Services, and other types of claims services offered by Accelerated Adjusting LLC.

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